Idea Zone: POS Pizza Offers a POS System That Runs Itself


A product of Summit Computer Networks, POS Pizza launched in 2000 and has been a successful system for many pizzerias. It’s an online ordering service that pizzeria operators run themselves, with no monthly fees to a provider. When an order is placed online, it immediately shows up on your printer, exactly as if a cashier had placed the order in the store. Changes to your menu can be made in-house and show up online instantly. The system can even be modified to match your pizzeria’s unique look. 

“It’s designed to use memory very efficiently and can even be run natively on x86 Tablet PCs with no difficulty,” says Scott Slater of Summit Computer Networks. “Also, it can be remotely accessed via the Internet without a third-party service. When accessing remotely, you don’t need a PC to ‘take over’ at the store, since your laptop or tablet can connect directly to the database server. Owners can access multiple stores with a single setup on their laptop.”

Easy to manage, the program requires a Windows-based PC with at least 4GB of RAM and at least 40GB of hard drive space. Windows 7 or 8 is recommended, but the system works on older versions, too. Training takes only a short time, with a manual provided for employees.

Cost for this system is only $475 for the base package, which includes the modules and a single order-entry license. More order-entry licenses can be added for $175. For example, if your store has two order takers and an online ordering module, three licenses may be needed for a cost of $825. The price includes three hours of tech support time, and additional technical support can also be purchased. After that, the system is yours—buy it once, and own it forever!

POS Pizza even comes in a free limited trial version. “I tell pizzeria operators to give our free version a try and see what they think,” Slater says. “Any data created in the free version easily migrates 100% to the full version. Many people run a year or two on our free system and then upgrade. They usually want to have more order stations or add online ordering as their business needs grow.

“POS Pizza’s interface is simple, intuitive and very easy to learn,” Slater concludes. “Owning a POS system will save you money in the long run.”

Learn more about POS Pizza at or call 866-922-9690.