“I want to help out pizzerias. I know what it was like getting marketing dollars together. I know what the pizza guys are looking for.” Wise words from Chris Walters, a proven winner in the pizza industry. Walters now takes his 25-year pizza experience and “do anything for you” attitude to the printing business.

Sometimes it takes a pizza guy, stung by high printing and mailing costs, to flip the script. Walters has run several of the highest-volume pizza shops in New England for the last 11 years, and it was his high-volume, low-price approach that got him to the top. The right to run a pizzeria is a privilege for many across our great nation, but the cost of marketing—while essential—can cause mom-and-pops to close shop before they’ve ever reached their full potential. They know that the pizza industry is in dire need of printed menus and services for less. Way less. How does Walters do it? The same way he found success in the pizza business.

When you have an ingrained, genuine interest in helping people, and you have a means to do it, everyone wins. Walters and Sofi Print are out to do some good. A 25-year veteran of the pizza industry with 30 years of printing experience by his side gives Walters a leg up on knowing how to serve your needs. Along with an experienced printer, Walters is ready to bring you an easy way to get your own marketing material prepared, printed and mailed to your customers for a low price.

Sofi Print prides itself on speaking the pizza guys’ language—that’s why you’ll only speak directly to a pizza guy when you call Sofi Print. Unlike other printing companies, Sofi Print won’t charge customers extra to mail out pieces via direct mail. In fact, on average, other companies charge $220 per week to print and mail 500 menus. Sofi Print does it for $179, which adds up to a $440 savings over a 10-week campaign. Walters knows that pizza people have little time to spare, especially when it comes to navigating complicated websites. Sofi Print’s website, SofiPrint.com, is engineered for the pizza guy who’s got no time to waste. You’ll get your printing services done faster, with the same quality you’ve come to expect, and all for less. From one pizza guy to the next, save money on your printing at SofiPrint.com.


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