Idea Zone: Pinsa is Revolutionary in Flavor, Texture and Shape


Pinsa is a revolutionary new product in flavor, texture and shape. Inspired by an ancient Roman flatbread cooked on hot ashes, pinsa resembles Roman pizza a taglio but isn’t exactly that. The unique blend of wheat, rice, soy and sourdough combined with a long fermentation process yields a light, digestible product that’s extremely versatile in toppings and restaurant concepts. 

Pinsa flour, as we know it today, officially appeared on the market in 2001 after nearly a decade of development by Corrado di Marco. Di Marco was determined to create a product that was healthy for consumers while still delivering a rich flavor profile that’s enjoyable to eat. Di Marco put years of research and development into the perfect blend of GMO-free flours that would create a product that’s crisp on the outside, moist on the inside, airy and low in gluten. 

Pinsa can be made fast because prep work can be done entirely in advance. Just mix with yeast, salt, olive oil and water and let it rest 48-72 hours. After the 72-hour dough is balled, it is proofed and stretched out into an oval shape in rice flour. “The rice flour acts as a seal, which caramelizes on the outside and keeps the moisture on the inside,” says Carlo Pedone, president of Pinsa Romana America. Di Marco flour recommends par-baking all pinsa dough in advance to maximize flavors. Pinsa crust can be kept in refrigeration for up to six days and also can be stored in the freezer for months. 

Another great feature of pinsa is its extreme versatility. “Five-star restaurant chefs are introducing them to menus,” says Pedone. “But it can also work well in a fast-casual concept or in a deli display window.”

Pinsa can be topped with a variety of ingredients either sweet or savory to make an elegant display of color and flavor. Toppings like mortadella and stracciatella or orange slices and dark chocolate are just a few of the endless combinations available to those selling pinsa in their stores. Once the client selects their pinsa of choice, it’s cooked in the oven and ready to serve on the spot. 

Join the many others who are opening pinsarias around the U.S. To find out more about pinsa and how to make it at your location, call Carlo at (414) 301-4245 or visit their website