From knife skills to dough creation, from ingredient preparation to oven tending, the North American Pizza & Culinary Academy (NAPCA) is now open for enrollment! Master Istruttore Leo Spizzirri and fellow instructors Anthony Ionnone and Renee Gabette are ready to teach you everything you don’t know about pizza, dough, cooking and pizza equipment. 

Centrally located for the U.S. outside of Chicago, NAPCA has already started training the next generation of pizza makers in all aspects of the kitchen, from prep to production to getting the perfect bake. 

NAPCA uses such industry leaders as SAF/Red Star Yeast for a perfect rise and New York WaterMaker’s next-generation water filtration to achieve the perfect water characteristics for dough and baking by replicating any water source for superior product consistency. NAPCA also uses Le 5 Stagioni flour blends for a strong, flavorful dough as well as Forno Bravo ovens to achieve that perfect, even bake in mere minutes, plus MFG Trays for ideal dough storage (with sturdy boxes and latching air-tight lids) and GI Metal pizza utensils that help you with every aspect of pizza making, from getting the dough out of the box to getting the pizza out of the oven. All in all, NAPCA is a one-stop shop to learn everything you need to know about what a great pizza is and how to make it. 

Pizza courses can cover everything from a one-day immersion class all the way up to the five-day certification course. NAPCA also offers numerous cooking classes ranging from a group demo class to smaller, hands-on classes and even a kids and teens curriculum. 

NAPCA boasts one of the only climate-controlled dough-making facilities in the nation, allowing students to control room temperature, humidity levels and water temperature during dough production. With use of their four types of mixers, seven different ovens and numerous gas ranges and fryers, NAPCA takes you from beginning to end, through pizza theory to pizza reality.

Let the professionals at NAPCA help you and your pizzeria be the best of the best. For more information about the North American Pizza & Culinary Academy (1970 University Drive, Lisle, IL 60532) and class availability, please contact or call 630-395-9958.


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