Idea Zone: Maximize Your Pizzeria’s Online Ordering Potential

When pizzeria owners design their online ordering system, they look for compatibility with their POS system, ability to work with third-party delivery services, and a reasonable cost. That’s where Revention Online Ordering Solution comes in. By integrating various ordering platforms—such as mobile apps, standard online ordering and even kiosks—into one seamless online ordering solution, Revention takes the guesswork out of this technology. “What we’re seeing in the market is everything’s converting to online ordering,” says Laura Gaudin, Revention’s director of product management. “The ‘Holy Grail,’ if you will, is the pizzeria that offers pickup, delivery, and over 75% of their orders coming from online.”

Dealing with third-party delivery services can be confusing, but in today’s market and in most cases, excluding them is just not an option. “Restaurateurs understand the importance of being online and that offering their products through multiple channels drives business. Revention is developing a tool to enable the Revention Online Ordering service to manage these channels,” says Gaudin. “It’s the vehicle that will allow those orders from third parties to flow through the online ordering system into the point-of-sale. So you still have that one point of communication and seamless data integration versus trying to manage numerous points of communication from all the different services.”

With the big franchises pumping huge amounts of money into product development, it can be daunting for an independent operator with one to five or so stores to keep up. Revention Online Ordering Solution helps level the playing field for independent operators. “I think the other big benefit of what Revention offers is that when you look at our customer mix, 50% of those customers are independent, and the other 50% are franchises,” says Gaudin. “What makes Revention extremely successful is that we’ve been able to take this customized online package—including a customized online ordering site, mobile application branded for that brand, branded loyalty, and order tracker—and we can create that whole technology package and provide that to an independent operator where they can be competitive with their local franchises, and we can do that at an affordable price. If an independent tried to contract this out with a custom development company or third party, they’d be managing a big, complicated technology project to get them all to integrate.”

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