Idea Zone: Lincoln’s New 2424 Aperion Impinger Is Company’s Fastest-Cooking Oven

Lincoln, a leading Welbilt brand of commercial cooking equipment, has introduced its new high-performance midsize conveyor oven: The Lincoln 2424 Aperion Impinger. Aperion, which derives from the Greek word for “boundless or unlimited,” is the perfect description for Lincoln’s new impingement oven. This unique oven is brimming with features designed to maximize efficiency without ever compromising on the quality for which Lincoln is renowned.

The Lincoln 2424 Aperion Impinger is Lincoln’s fastest-cooking oven, thanks to its dual blower motors and higher output elements, which help to reduce cook times by up to 20% versus traditional impingement ovens.

Independent top and bottom air control means it is easy to set air flow, eliminating the need for different finger configurations to optimize cook performance, with a variable conveyor speed from 20 seconds to 30 minutes.

Safety is a key feature of the Lincoln 2424 Aperion Impinger. The front location of easy-to-use, intuitive touch controls means there is no need to reach across a hot conveyor to re-program a recipe.

Pizzeria operators can also say goodbye to the frustrations of cleaning hard-to-reach areas. The Lincoln 2424 Aperion Impinger has an exclusive hinged, removable front door, making it easy to remove the conveyor and standardized two-piece finger components.

The oven’s two-year parts-and-labor warranty is backed by 40 years of Lincoln reliability and allows you the peace of mind to focus on what matters in your business.

In addition, the 24” x 24” cooking area means a high capacity in a compact footprint. Not only that, this oven is also electric and ventless, as built-in catalysts allow for ventless, single-oven operation. The oven is available in countertop or free-standing applications.

Lincoln’s mission is to give your business a solid consistency throughout these changing times. The company provides equipment that will rise to the challenge of your highest volumes and nonstop days. Each oven in Lincoln’s line of products is specifically designed for various restaurants’ needs, but they all share the same essence of efficiency, backed with an industrial foundation and incomparable integrity. 

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