Show your community support with wristband connection

“What’s this about?” Ms. Johnson asks the waiter, pointing to a tabletop flyer with a picture of a silicone wristband. The waiter replies, “For a $1 donation, we give you one of those to wear to show that you are against the act of bullying. The idea is, the more people who show they are against it, the less bullying will occur.”

As a pizzeria owner, you know the power of being community-minded and how it can equate to more business, but it’s usually cost-prohibitive and time-consuming. Wristband Connection has created a way to make it free for you! The $1 donation goes back to the cost of the campaign so business owners can keep it going at no cost to themselves. Additionally, your pizzeria’s name or other strategic information is molded into a portion of the wristband that literally keeps your name in front of your customers and others. The $1 price is hard to pass up since similar wristbands command as much as $10 apiece!

Cause marketing has become massive in America, but until now, it appeared that only the “big guys” could be actively involved, says Victor Rey, president/founder of Wristband Connection. If you make consumers feel good about what you do to help the community, they will talk positively about your pizzeria and visit you more often. Wristband Connection has more than 100,000 clients, and tens of millions wear their products. There has never been a single incident of an allergic reaction that could harm instead of help your pizzeria’s reputation.

You can also have custom silicone wristbands made with any logo or design of your choice. These are great for grand openings, supporting a local school, customer rewards and loyalty programs, to name a few possibilities. A properly designed wristband can even be used to offer discounts on slow days. The uses are only limited by your imagination!

Wristband Connection is the only company that guarantees its wristbands are safe and nonallergenic. Their 100% silicone guarantee is molded inside every wristband they make. Cheaper wristbands that are not 100% silicone have been known to leak strange oils, crumble over time as a rubber band might, stick to surfaces and even cause rashes. But genuine 100% silicone wristbands last virtually forever. Imagine what giving away a wristband like that would do for your business!

Wristband Connection’s full-time staff is dedicated to your success and will be happy to discuss how their product will work for you. Their website is, but don’t just visit them online. Call today at 800-451-9711!

Your Super Bowl delivery to our troops overseas

To date, Pizzas 4 Patriots—an Elk Grove, Illinois-based non-profit organization—has delivered more than 14 shipments of pizza to United States servicemen and -women around the world, mainly in the Middle East at forward operating bases in combat zones. That’s more than 140,000 pizzas, equaling 1 million-plus “slices of home” for our troops. As you gather with friends and family this year to cheer on your favorite team in the Super Bowl, you can also help send a slice of home to our troops serving overseas.

Through the assistance of sponsors DHL and AT&T, Sergeant Mark Evans, the man behind Pizzas 4 Patriots, aims to deliver pizza to every U.S. soldier in foreign lands. Pizzas will be delivered to military bases where they will be trucked, flown, helicoptered and dropped hot and ready to eat directly to the troops for Super Bowl. But Pizzas 4 Patriots needs the support of pizzeria operators like PMQ’s readers.

The idea for Pizzas 4 Patriots came from Evans’ son, Kent, back in 2008. “The goal was to let our troops and wounded veterans know they were not forgotten,” Evans says. “Each time we deliver to soldiers, it is only through the support of contributors. Our mission is to let these soldiers know they are not forgotten, but rather remembered and cherished.”

Pizzas 4 Patriots is seeking the pizza industry’s help to make this year’s Super Bowl an unforgettable experience for our troops. Any donations or portion of sales will be appreciated. “In the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl, we are asking pizzerias across the States to commit a percentage or dollar amount of a day’s or week’s sales to help send a slice of home to our guys in forward combat areas,” Evans says. Meanwhile, supporting this noble and popular cause can boost your pizzeria’s visibility in the local market, he notes. “Contact your local news channel, radio station and/or newspaper and let them know that you are a part of a national pizza delivery mission to our troops overseas.  If you need logos or help with box toppers to promote your participation with this event, just call or email me.”

By donating any amount of money, you will receive a certificate of appreciation to display in your pizzeria, showing your customers how you—and they—have helped our troops. Corporate partnerships and individual donations are essential to keeping Pizzas 4 Patriots alive. To learn more or to arrange to be part of this year’s Super Bowl delivery overseas, contact Sergeant Evans at 847-357-0000 or email You can learn more by visiting

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