Accountability is the foundation of good accounting. But how can you do that efficiently with so many items in your restaurant? Small items like stickers or napkins go unnoticed in the jungle of orders and invoices. It’s these seemingly trivial products which are most prone to mark-ups or expensive substitutes that could be costing you more than you bid for. 

Cherry Pick Prices is revolutionary price-comparison software which lets you instantly find the best price for every item in your store across multiple suppliers. Cherry verifies that you paid exactly what you agreed to and that no substitutes were slipped in. 



Whether you shop across multiple suppliers or use a preferred vendor, Cherry’s ancillary features, such as contract price tracking and invoice police, help you stay on top of it. Deals and rebates that you have skillfully negotiated for your company never get altered without you knowing or forgotten altogether. 

John Gillespie from Five Star Pizza in Florida realized his system had lost thousands of dollars due to a substitution in his supply chain contract. As the franchisor of 20 stores, John was able to track pricing in the stores he managed directly but lost oversight over pricing for his franchisees. It was at precisely one of his franchisee locations that a supplier innocently substituted a spec case of napkins that cost $29.99 for one costing $70, over double the original price he was paying. Even the most honest supply house can make mistakes, and these mistakes can be costly. These types of problems are a thing of the past with Cherry watching your back.

Cherry knows your relationship with your supplier is important, which is why they do not aim to replace the sales rep. In fact, Cherry improves communication so you can stay on great terms. Catching pricey substitutes and correcting the error right away will save you from the resentment you may feel after having overpaid month after month.

Don’t wait until you’ve already lost thousands of dollars to start verifying your suppliers. The devil’s in the details, and Cherry Pick Prices verifies everything to do with your food cost in a flash. PMQ readers get an exlusive 50% off your setup fee with promo code PMQ50%. To find out more, go to or call 1-833-324-3779. 



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