Developed after more than three years of research, EccoX offers a solution to your soggy crust problems. This revolutionary new, eco-friendly pizza carton insert sits under the pie and isolates it from its oils and juices while preventing the pizza carton base from capturing all its heat. This means your takeout pizza arrives on your customer’s plate oven-fresh, earning loyal repeat customers and differentiating your store from the competition.

Manufactured in North America, EccoX is made from food-grade cup stock paperboard and is coated with a food-grade oil and moisture barrier.

Here are the main questions to consider:

1. How does EccoX solve the issue of soggy crusts in a take-out pizza box? EccoX elevates the pizza off of the bottom of the carton, separating the crust from the base and allowing air to flow underneath. This keeps the pizza hotter longer and reduces the effect of trapped steam within the carton.

2. How does an eco- friendly product like EccoX still hold its form under weight and moisture? EccoX is made with expanded cup stock paperboard coated with an FDA-approved oil and moisture barrier. The expanding process adds additional loft to the paper, helping to elevate the pizza crust from the oil and grease.

3. How does EccoX differentiate itself from the competition? In an ever more crowded marketplace, quality differentiation is becoming more and more important to stay ahead of the competition. EccoX’s expansion process elevates the pizza away from the carton, unlike its competitors, whose trays allow the pizza to remain in contact with the entire tray surface.

This revolutionary new-to-market product has three main marketing targets. Firstly, a fast-growing, progressive pizza chain that wants to differentiate its quality in an increasingly competitive market. As everyone knows, there is a strong trend in the pizza industry industry to get away from major chains and move towards higher quality and innovation.

Secondly, enterprising pizza carton manufacturers could use this product as a quality upsell with their core carton business. The two products could be delivered at the same time, increasing revenue and making for an efficient delivery system.

Thirdly, a large pizza food distributor could add these trays to its paper product offering within its whole assortment.

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