Idea Zone: Generate Orders and Self-Deliver with DoorDash Self-Delivery

Third-party ordering and delivery are here for the future. But from the restaurant owner’s point of view there are some lingering concerns surrounding partnerships with these companies, including pricing structure and ability to own the end-to-end experience. DoorDash has found a new solution to these two main concerns: DoorDash’s Self-Delivery product.

How does DoorDash Self-Delivery work? Self-Delivery allows you to reach DoorDash’s customer base while continuing to control the delivery process with your drivers at a reduced fee. How difficult is it to get started? It is one of the simplest and easiest processes you’ll ever see. 

You start by signing up for DoorDash and then tell them basic information about your business and delivery fleet. Through their self-serve model, there is no need to talk to anyone as it is all easily done online. Once their account is activated, DoorDash customers can browse your menu and place orders. Your restaurant prepares DoorDash orders and delivers them to customers. Best of all, you’re in control of delivery fees and delivery zones and radius from your store.

DoorDash Self-Delivery partners enjoy the marketing and sales benefits of the DoorDash platform at a reduced commission. You can now create more demand without changing your operations. This looks to be the game changer in third-party delivery. To learn more about Self-Delivery and to get started, CLICK HERE.