When someone moves into your town, that person’s belongings are usually packed away in boxes for a while, and he or she doesn’t have the energy or equipment to cook. This is the perfect time to entice that person into your pizzeria and create a loyal customer. Tired, hungry and unfamiliar with the area, new movers need you as much as you need them. Our Town America, one of the largest independent new-mover marketing companies in the United States, has a proven track record of affordably bringing new patrons to your door. Our Town President Michael Plummer Jr.’s father owned a pizzeria before he started the company 40 years ago. “He understood what families who move go through, and he knew that, if we did something to help them, it would go a long way in having them remember not only the gesture, but the great pizza,” Plummer says. “My goal is to carry on the family tradition with our great pizzeria sponsors.”

Our Town doesn’t just provide a onetime service. The company starts by including a gift certificate from your pizzeria in a new resident package that’s delivered directly to the potential customer’s home. “We reach out to the niche new resident market with a goodwill gesture from our pizzerias to welcome them into the communities they serve. Once they redeem the certificate, we track the results, then solidify and fortify customer retention with a follow-up piece to invite them in again,” Plummer says. “This creates the strongest first impression with an audience that is searching for a local restaurant, and it gives our pizzeria sponsors the best chance of capturing new movers before their competitors can do so.”

Our Town guarantees exclusivity in your market, giving you an instant leg up on your competitors. “Our client will be the only pizzeria in the ZIP codes he or she chooses, locking out all competing brands in the same market,” says Marilyn Imparato, the company’s director of sales and marketing. “If a pizzeria implements the plan we recommend, they will see response rates ranging from a conservative 10% to more than 30%, month over month, year after year, consistently. Pizzerias have been Our Town’s No. 1 category since our inception.”

For more information on Our Town America, contact Imparato at 727-345-0811, ext. 226, or email her at mimparato@ourtownamerica.com. Visit the company online at ourtown
america.com and on Facebook.

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