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'I know pizza …'

According to a news report from, “Everyone loves pizza. And everyone believes that they know pizza. Crust. Ingredients. Sauce.”

“So when we asked readers to tell us which local pizza place — national chains need not apply — they loved the best, we weren’t completely surprised when we received almost 400 responses. From one-line manifestos to actual poetry to paeans to pizza with menus attached,” said the story. “We divided the letters. We counted the votes. We re-counted the votes, and, finally, the results are in. These are the readers’ Top Five “best pizza places” in town, tabulated by your votes in e-mail and letters.


4820 Davis Blvd., Naples


“Aldo’s pizza is so good your taste buds will be dancing for days,” Louis Hernandez e-mailed from his iPhone.

Tucked in the side of the King’s Plaza, Aldo’s is an insider spot, the kind of place someone tells you about, not the kind of place you spot easily from the road.

Still, the largest percentage of readers tapped it as the best pizza place in town.

So what is it that makes Aldo’s and their pizza so special? Readers consistently noted the freshness of ingredients and the superior quality of the cheese. The crust, which they say is thin and crunchy without being too dry, is also ranked high on the list of why to love Aldo’s.

In fact, roughly 15 members of the Seacrest Country Day School sang the praises of the cozy pizzeria as well as its Gorgonzola Pizza (garlic, Gorgonzola, ricotta, mozzarella and Parmesan). Eating one, eating any pizza at Aldo’s, they say, is like “eating a slice of heaven.”

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