Leading lift truck designer and manufacturer continues to meet and exceed the highest environmental standards

(Greenville, North Carolina, USA: September 11, 2007) Hyster Company ( www.hysteramericas.com ) announces a dedicated effort to preserve the environment through the clean production and design of its lift trucks. All Hyster truck lines well exceed 2007 federal EPA standards, and most meet the much more stringent 2010 CARB emissions standards. The market leader in the sale of electric trucks, Hyster’s full line of electric trucks successfully duplicate the performance of internal combustion engine (ICE) trucks while reducing emissions and maintenance time.

“Hyster Company’s commitment to staying on the forefront of green research and technology is evident at every step of the truck manufacturing process,” says Paul Laroia, president of Hyster Company. “Researching alternative fuel sources, reducing emissions, and upholding manufacturing regulations are all priorities in delivering industry-leading Hyster lift trucks.”

Striving to improve industry standards through the development of safer, alternative fuel sources, Hyster trucks are among the cleanest in the industry. The first company to use working fuel cell trucks in actual applications, Hyster Company is actively working in a number of areas of alternate energy use including battery technology, advanced energy storage devices, and hydrogen fuel cells. The benefits of fuel cells include reduced emissions and peak performance for the duration of the fuel cell life, making them a positive alternative to ICE trucks.

Emissions are a primary cause of environmental pollution and serious health issues, and therefore of major concern to truck manufacturers. According to testing by the EPA and the California Air Resources Board (CARB), Hyster trucks emit lower emissions than almost any other truck in the industry. In fact, the Hyster GM 2.4L engine has the lowest overall emissions of any 3000-7000 lb. truck in the industry.

Meeting and exceeding environmental standards begins with the production of Hyster lift trucks. All Hyster trucks are manufactured in plants meeting ISO 14000 environmental management standards, which exist to help organizations minimize how their operations negatively affect the environment. The ISO 14000 standards ensure that the safest, most environmentally friendly means of production are used when manufacturing Hyster trucks.

“Hyster Company is committed to protecting our environment with clean, fuel efficient trucks,” says Laroia. “Innovations and research ensure that Hyster Company does everything possible to deliver clean, environmentally friendly trucks while retaining maximum productivity and serviceability to fit our customers’ specific material handling needs.”

For more information on Hyster Company’s effort to create the cleanest trucks available, please visit www.hysteramericas.com/about/environmental.asp .

To find your local Hyster dealer, please visit www.hysteramericas.com .

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