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Hungry for tradition in Sao Paulo? Try the pizza

According to a news report from, “Forget feijoada, the hearty pork and bean stew that is often hailed as Brazil’s national dish. If you want tradition in Sao Paulo, pizza is where it’s at.”

“Paulistanos, as residents of South America’s largest city are called, revere pizza much like the French cherish fine wine and Argentines love a good steak. Sao Paulo is so serious about its pizza that for the last 22 years the city celebrates “Pizza Day” every July 10,” said the story. “For many Sao Paulo residents, dinner with the family at the neighborhood pizza joint is a Sunday ritual. People of all ages line up for hours outside pizzerias every Sunday night all over this sprawling metropolis to get their weekly fix. By some estimates, only New Yorkers devour more pizzas annually than Paulistanos. Sao Paulo is home to more than 6,000 pizza parlors that, in all, churn out close to a million pies a day, according to the local association of pizzerias.”

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