How to properly eat Chicago deep-dish pizza

A new video, courtesy of Lou Malnati’s of Chicago, reveals just how to properly eat deep-dish pizza. Designed by the company’s digital marketing team, the video is a quick, fun way to share useful information. If you haven’t yet dug into a deep-dish pizza, watch this before you make the leap.

“We developed the video as a way to answer some of the common questions we receive and also to provide some tips for preparing and handling your pizza so that it’s top-notch,” Meggie Lindberg, marketing manager at Lou Malnati’s and, says.

But be warned, deep-dish is not meant for the hands and should not be folded. A fork is highly recommended, along with a knife. How to reheat the pizza is also addressed—it’s  a common question when people take home leftovers from the restaurant.


How to Eat Pizza Like a Chicagoan