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How to Make Your Bathtub Smell Like Fresh, Hot Pizza (We’re Not Kidding)

If you like the way your car smells when you pick up a pizza after work, you’re going to love the latest bath salts from Village Vanguard.

As Mashable reports, the Japanese chain, which specializes in novelty items, has launched a line of food-themed bath salts, and the one with universal appeal bears the alluring scent of pizza. The bath salts won’t be released until mid-June, but anyone can pre-order the pizza-scented salts for 324 yen ($2.91) each here – well, anyone who can read Japanese, anyway. (There is no English version of the site presently.)

Other scents are geared more toward Asian customers. These include gyoza potstickers, yakiniku grilled meat, miso soup, curry rice, Japanese beef bowls, ramen and edamame soybeans. If you’re more thirsty than hungry, you might as well sink yourself into a tub filled with beer-scented salts.

This isn’t the first pizza-scented toiletry on the market. Pizza Hut unveiled its own limited-edition cologne a few years back. Other food-scented items have included a scented candle from White Castle and colognes from Cheetos and Burger King.