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How to make 2016 a year to remember


I never make New Year’s resolutions for one simple reason: I never keep New Year’s resolutions. Instead, I make changes based on sudden whims. What can I say? I’m a weirdo. I quit smoking out of the blue one Saturday morning in September 2012—the timing felt inexplicably right, and I was tired of being a slave to Marlboro. During a doctor’s visit last March, I gaped in disbelief at the scale, startled by my own unwieldy heft, and started eating smaller portions—and losing weight—that very night. I woke up this morning and, after taking a shower, combed and parted my hair on the right instead of the left for the first time ever. I tell ya, folks, I can be a wild man! (I’m not being facetious, by the way. I really did part my hair differently today, consequences be damned! Sadly, I look exactly the same, as disheveled and seedy as ever, so this change probably won’t last.)

I’m not much for lifestyle resolutions, but I still take planning and organization seriously on the job, as do you (I hope). With that in mind, PMQ has created its first 2016 Marketing Calendar for pizzeria operators, which comes bundled with this month’s issue of the magazine. Our goal is to get you thinking about how you can plan and implement new moneymaking promotions throughout the next year.

We urge you to place this calendar on the wall in your office and start making plans now for the coming 12 months. Develop a written schedule, discuss it with your managers and team members, and stick with it. As we reported in last month’s Pizza Power Report, sales for independent pizzerias dropped in 2015, a trend that must be reversed quickly. Don’t lose any more ground to the big chains—get moving now! Use this calendar to create memorable themed offers, contests and fundraisers around special days every month, and use social media and direct mail to spread the word. And don’t give up if the first one isn’t a big hit. It takes time to build up a following, but if you’re smart, creative and persistent—and if you offer clear value to your customers—you can turn 2016 into a year to remember, for yourself and your customers!