How much business have you lost during the last couple of months because you didn’t have enough phone lines or staff? There’s only one way to find out and that’s to open the sales faucet all the way. That’s where Voice Teleservices, the support heroes of pizza restaurant carryout and delivery, come in.

Their centralized customer engagement solution enables them to serve your remote guests by directly placing their takeout, delivery and catering food orders. As the voice of your restaurant, they provide live agent services responding to inbound telephone orders, online inquiries and third-party orders (i.e. DoorDash, ezCater, etc.). Their team of experienced support heroes have expert knowledge of each restaurant brand and their menus and have demonstrated the ability to increase average order values by more than 15% through consultative upselling.

Here’s how Voice Teleservices works with independent pizza restaurants and other restaurant brands:

  • Increase revenue and profitability by responding quickly and professionally to all customer order requests across channels while optimizing the value of each order processed.
  • Make the customer engagement experience seamless to the guest. They think they are actually talking to an employee at your restaurant.
  • Listen for, collect and share customer insights, ideas, complaints and recommendations.   

Key Benefits:

  • Restaurants are busy places. Voice Teleservices focuses 100% on making sure your remote customers get their orders right while you focus on filling the customer orders—or whatever the right balance of assistance is needed when it’s needed. 
  • Your customers will never hear the words “Can you hold, please?”
  • Restaurants have high employee turnover (100% to 150% a year).  Voice Teleservices’ attrition is less than 10%. 
  • Built-in redundancy: If a support hero is out on any given day, they are backed up by an entire team that’s equally prepared to serve the customer.
  • Data-driven management: You’ll know how many calls were placed to your restaurant every hour, day and week and what your customers are saying about your service.
  • Unlimited phone lines are available, so you’ll only stop getting orders when you tell them to stop. 
  • Easy to work with and quick to get started. Since 2011, hundreds of restaurants have transitioned to Voice Teleservices.
  • An order accuracy of 99%!

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