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How to develop a moneymaking bundle deal


Ally38562: My only competitor sells a bundle with pizza, breadsticks and a drink and calls it the Party Pack. Everybody is asking me when I’m going to sell one, but I need a name for it. Please help!


brad randall: We call our bundle the Crazy Aver’s Deal. It used to be called the Crazy 8 Deal back when our competitor called theirs the Big 10 Bargain. Ours was $8, and theirs was $10. Pretty clever, except inflation makes sticking to a price difficult. The Crazy Aver’s Deal is $12.99 with no mention of the price in the name. So my suggestion from experience is to not tie yourself to or brand your deal with a price. Set a discount/price you can live with and raise it a little bit every year.

314: Single Meal Deal. We offer bundles with two pizzas, bread and a 2-liter drink and call them Family Deals. We used to have names for each size—Dinner Pak (medium), Sweet Deal (large, with dessert bread instead of cheesebread) and Mega Pak (extra-large).

Home Town Pizza: I just call mine the Family Meal Deal. It’s a large 1-topping pizza, breadsticks, tossed salad and a 2-liter bottle of soda for $22. It’s basically a $4 discount, so they can add toppings or whatever add-ons they like.

Bodegahwy: I’ve never had great success with bundles, but it sure seems like a lot of you do. It has been some time since I tried one, so maybe it’s time to give it a shot again. I’m thinking of a 14” one-topping pizza, family-sized salad and two pints of ice cream for $30. They can upgrade to 16” for $2.50. That would be $6 off our menu price.

Ally38562: I ended up calling it the Bundle. I rolled it out this weekend, and we have sold a ton! I’m doing a large 1-topping pizza, small cheesesticks and a gallon of sweet tea or a 2-liter of pop for $15. About half of the buyers were new customers that hadn’t been in yet! 

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