Turnover rates in the hospitality industry are notoriously high. If that wasn’t bad enough, a recent study from staffing firm OfficeTeam also reveals a rise in dishonesty on resumes and job applications.

The cost of hiring a new employee is much higher than keeping an existing one, but how do you hire smart from the beginning? It starts from the moment you write your job posting, according to Brandi Britton, district president at OfficeTeam, a national administrative staffing firm with 300 locations.

Britton offers the following advice for creating a job posting that delivers the best results.

PMQ: What vital information should a pizzeria operator include in a job posting?

Brandi Britton: Ideally, a job description will include a balance of the must-have skills a candidate should possess and information about the position you need to fill. The key is for hiring managers to write job descriptions that are both informative and inspiring. If the job you’re describing isn’t intriguing, you won’t likely get the volume or type of applicants you’re seeking. Use clear and concise language, but also give applicants a sense of your company’s culture. The right position at the wrong company can make a new hire walk right back out the door, which will cost you time and money. Aim to paint a picture about what it’s truly like to work for your company.

PMQ: What should absolutely not be included in a job posting?

Britton: Avoid using jargon that might be common within your company but is unknown to outsiders. Clear and concise language will minimize the risk of misunderstandings in the hiring process. Don’t overstate or understate what a position entails. Be honest about what the job is really like, including the hours and pace of the work, to set clear expectations. Don’t hunt for unicorns. You may want a jack-of-all-trades, but that may require you to wait too long for the perfect candidate — if that person even exists. Instead, write a job description that is realistic and flexible. 

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PMQ: Where are today's job seekers searching for jobs (online job boards, newspapers, friends, social media, etc.)

Britton: Job seekers search for jobs in a variety of sources, including online job boards, personal referrals, social media and through recruitment agencies. In addition to posting a job listing, hiring managers should request referrals from their professional contacts for open positions and encourage internal staff to recommend candidates. Working with a staffing firm can lead you to hiring experts who can do most of the recruiting for you.

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PMQ: Are there questions/requirements that job posters can request in a posting in order to weed out unqualified applicants?

Britton: Resume lies are on the rise, and nearly half of workers have fibbed on their job applications. Misrepresented information included experience (76 percent), job duties (55 percent), education (33 percent) and employment dates (26 percent). To weed out unqualified applicants, look for application materials that include vague dates or descriptions of skills (e.g., “familiar with,” “involved in”). In the job description, the more specific you are about desired skills and experience, the more qualified the applicants are likely to be. Just make sure the qualifications you set are absolute necessities, rather than nice-to-haves, or you might deter individuals with great potential.

PMQ: Is there a trend in job postings right now (i.e., being conversational/fun as opposed to corporate/stuffy)? Should the posting match the brand?

Britton: Your job posting should be a mix of describing what you are looking for and information about the company. To attract the best candidates, you’ll want to pique their interest in the organization, if not excite them over the prospect of working with you. Promote the company’s strengths and why it’s a great place to work.

PMQ: Are there any other important job posting tips that pizzeria operators should know to ensure a successful candidate hunt?

Britton: One way to ensure you’ve hit the mark is to run your job description by a fellow manager or an employee in the position you’re hiring for and incorporate their feedback. You might even turn to a professional copywriter if you need help choosing the right words. Though writing a good job description can be time consuming, you’ll find that it’s worth putting in the time and effort when you find a good fit for the role.


Hiring Now

We looked through some current job postings online and found a stellar example to follow. In addition to giving the job a fun name, “Pizza Slayer,” Greenville Avenue Pizza Company lets job seekers know, up front, that they will be joining a business that is actively growing and offers the potential for individual growth. They romance the applicant at the start of the post, tell them what they absolutely need from them in the next section, which they've cleverly called, "What's on the Menu," and finish with additional perks for the employee. Great stuff!


Pizza Slayer at Greenville Avenue Pizza Company in Dallas (Job listing on Glassdoor.com)

Be a part of the best pizza makers in Dallas! We call them the "Pizza Slayers" for a reason.
If you are looking for a place to grow and build a career, then GAPCo is the place for you. We strive for a fun, team environment; filled with enthusiastic people who have a passion for success. We promote from within and have plans for expansion over the next five years. Greenville Avenue Pizza Co is in the TOP 100 highest grossing pizzerias in the country, and in return our team makes great money.

What’s on the menu:
Consistently make beautiful pizzas and meet time standards
Keep areas cleaned, restocked and organized
Be a leader in guest interaction and service while making orders
Train and aid your team during rushes
Prep perfect pizza toppings
Lead a pizza line and coordinating tickets to ensure standards are met
Encourage your team to be the best in their position
Maintain a positive and fun restaurant environment

Critical Ingredients Include:
Previous hospitality/food service experience is required.
Ability to learn quickly in fast-paced, high-volume, high-quality environment
Self-motivated achiever interested in taking on additional roles and responsibilities
Commitment to Career Growth
Open availability is strongly desired.
Must be dedicated to excellence and hospitality and have a desire to make others smile.
Must have an eagerness to learn and to take advantage of new opportunities
Cross training and cross utilizing skills

Extra Toppings Include:
Career Development
Medical, Dental, and Vision Insurance
Employee Dining Program
Referral Bonus
Continuous Hands-on Training

​Benefits Include:
Medical, Dental, and Vision Insurance
Employee Dining Program
Referral Bonus
Ongoing Hands-on Training
Career Development
Choice of Cash Card or Direct Deposit

We are open from 11:00am to 3am almost every day so we have plenty of shifts available.


What do you include in your job postings? Has this advice inspired you to rework your next ad?



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