How to Adapt and Stay Strong During the COVID-19 Crisis

With traditional restaurant dining rooms closed, pizzerias are uniquely positioned to grow. Some key points to keep in mind:

  • Pizzerias can take advantage of the 44% to 64% increase in local business searches for takeout and fast food.
  • Market analysts are giving “buy” ratings for stock in pizza delivery chains due to expected growth.
  • You can power up your pizza dough productivity with an American Eagle spiral mixer.

The COVID-19 crisis has increased pizza demand as more consumers choose restaurants with takeout/delivery, which is a core business strength for pizzerias. Consider adapting to this trend by expanding your ordering options. For example, pizzerias can offer bake-at-home pizza kits as an option for families who don’t want the hassle of making dough but still want an easy family activity while kids stay indoors. In the news, a variety of kindhearted sponsors have purchased “pizza-grams” for hospital workers taking care of patients. Demand for pizza will stay strong.

With markets stalling and overstocked equipment dealers, 2020 can be an opportunity to invest in your capacity. Federally guaranteed loans through the SBA with very low interest rates can provide a needed capital boost. For pizza operators, a mixer is one of the most essential pieces of equipment, and American Eagle spiral mixers offer the lowest total-cost of ownership with decades-long lifespans, providing the best value in the marketplace.

Why a Spiral Mixer for Pizza Dough?

For over 25 years, American Eagle has offered value by providing quality pizza mixers with best-in-class reliability and versatility. Spiral mixers can help you meet increased demand at a lower cost than traditional 60-quart planetary mixers. Superior design features, like a powerful 3-phase dual-motor system, evenly distribute the workload and result in extra long-term reliability.

Most spiral mixers on the market today use sheet metal housing, but American Eagle’s spiral mixers have no welds, sharp edges, rivets or bolts. Featuring single-mold cast-iron housing and a polished, 100% stainless-steel bowl/guard, the seamless workmanship keeps out contaminants and moisture while easily wiping clean. Time-tested internal parts like the multiple V-belt drive transmission translate into a quiet, efficient powerhouse.

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