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How tainted tomatoes affect the pizza industry

According to a news report from “The Elm City prides itself as a being tops when it comes to serving pizza. So, you might think the nationwide problem of tomatoes, tainted with salmonella, is hurting local pizzarias. But, in truth, this isn’t actually the case.”

“For a man that sells pizza for a living, news of a tomato salmonella outbreak can be a little scary. But Billy Pustari of Modern Apizza learned as quickly as a pizza comes out of a brick oven, that the food scare doesn’t affect his famous recipe,” said the story. “Thank god it’s not the other tomato we really use,” Pustari said. “Most pizza places use canned Italian plum tomatoes, California plum tomatoes. If it affected that, forget it, it would shut the industry down.” Down in his basement, in the freezer, Pustari has three boxes of tomatoes from Florida. Three boxes of tomatoes that won’t see the light of day until the FDA can determine where exactly the outbreak can be pinpointed. What that means is one of his pies, the one that uses fresh tomatoes as a topping, is on hold for now.”

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