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How Restaurants Can Reach Millennials

Nation’s Restaurant News reports, “The Millennial generation of customers, ages 16 through 34, is a key demographic for the restaurant industry, researchers say, and understanding how those consumers differ may help drive guest traffic.”

“Millennials, for example, love to snack. They eat out more often than non-Millennials, and they see restaurants as a place to socialize. They also love adventure and using new technology. And they think of themselves as living healthful lifestyles. So concludes a new report called “Millennials: Deciphering the Enigma Generation,” sponsored by advertising and marketing agency Barkley, consumer researcher Service Management Group and The Boston Consulting Group. Jeff Fromm, senior vice president of sales, marketing and innovation at Barkley, said understanding what motivates and appeals to Millennials is crucial for restaurant operators looking for an edge to drive traffic.”

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