How Pizza Hut App Got Role in Latest iPhone Spot

""According to, “Pizza Hut’s iPhone app will be featured in an Apple-sponsored iPhone commercial breaking tonight. The pizza chain’s app was the first for the fast-food space, released this past summer.”

“Ian Wolfman, chief marketer for Pizza Hut’s digital agency, IMC2, said that while the marketer had planned to contact Apple and campaign for a place in one of its commercials, the computer maker called the pizza chain first. “And they moved quickly,” Mr. Wolfman said. The initial call came just three weeks ago.”

“Apple did not immediately return calls for comment. Pizza Hut declined to comment for this story. The commercial will appear during House, The Big Bang Theory and Monday Night Football.”

“The true boost from an Apple endorsement remains hard to quantify. Apple promotes apps from a variety of other marketers, including Whole Foods, Yelp, Facebook and the New York Times. But only a few are chosen for broadcast-TV plugs. And it’s good to be singled out. For instance, the iBird Explorer, a field guide for casual ornithologists, got seven seconds of an Apple commercial, and quickly became the No. 1 reference app in a 35,000 app category.”

“Mr. Wolfman concedes that his agency developed the app with an Apple ad in its sights, delving into development manuals and trying to re-create “the Apple juice,” or seamless use of cool features such as GPS and shaking, without adding unnecessary steps.”