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How Do You Spell Success? Restaurant Online Ordering System

There is a lot of money to be made with online ordering—because online ordering enables your pizzeria’s clients to eat whatever they want by doing just a bit of tippity-tappity when they go online.

In this technologically-driven, fast-paced world that we’re now living in, easy online ordering has become the apex of convenience.

With irrefutable market studies showing that 43% of all delivery orders take place online, keeping up with the digital demand of food ordering can greatly streamline your pizzeria business.

In fact, multiple investment firms have predicted an astronomical 79% increase in the total U.S. food home delivery market over the upcoming five years.

So why not tap into all that potential and jump on board of this winning trend, too?

Michael Perkins and Amanda Sklar, owners of the Ozona Pizza restaurant in Palm Harbor, Florida, did.

“The minute I started using the online ordering system I knew it was a sign of a good omen, considering that the setup was actually great fun,” Amanda said. “Especially with the little message area where you get responses rather quickly, with pictures and how-to's, and explanatory videos whenever I needed.”

But their menu editor is the real deal, since it’s designed particularly for pizzerias.

“In fact, the reason why it’s so great is because it enables our customers to choose from a wide selection of pizzas, from standard to half-half,” Michael added. “They can even choose the ingredients to make their own customized pizza if they like. Apart from being very easy to use, the interface of the online ordering system makes this kind of variety look great on my online menu.”

And here’s another reason why the Sklars are genuinely thrilled with the online ordering system: It enables them to get into that holiday spirit and create memorable dishes for special occasions.

“I am in complete control of what I do with the menu,” Amanda said. “So I’m able to add the new dishes directly to the online menu. Completely by myself, and whenever I find it fit. All the menu updates and changes that I do go live instantly. And my online customers can then immediately order the new, special dish. It’s like they’re gaining access to exclusive foods. And they love it.”

For Father’s Day, Ozona created a special pizza in the shape of a heart. “The little kids that came along to the restaurant with their parents were over the moon with it,” Amanda says. “Seeing my customers this happy is… I don’t know, it’s hard to describe it in words. But it’s spectacular.”

She went on to say: “This kind of flexibility and reliability in a menu editor skyrockets my creativity levels. It’s truly the best. For me, this is work, yet it doesn’t feel like actual work. It feels like a sort of productive type of fun. And this is the best kind of work there is.”

The Sklars also used their restaurant online ordering system to show a more human side of their business and involve their customers in local projects.

Both Michael and Amanda are big on giving back to the community. And having integrated the restaurant ordering system into their community projects gives them the opportunity to gain more exposure for their projects.

Everyone who browses through their online menu sees the community projects that they initiate.

“We’ve always wanted to do much more for the community and get others involved in these projects. By including them directly into the menu, everyone has the chance to see the problems that members in our community face – and do something nice for them. Plus, it’s much easier for them to actually take action and make a difference this way.”

In his desire to gain even more exposure for his business and get even more people involved in their local community initiatives, Michael also decided to pair up the online ordering system with a search engine-optimized website.

“My business has grown significantly with the sales optimized website,” he said. “I first didn't use it to save money and build clientele. However, the sales have quadrupled since using it. It is worth every penny."

“What I like the most is that it shows people that Ozona Pizza has a heart, and it’s not all about money,” he said. “That’s why people keep ordering from us each and every time. Knowing what I know now, I only have one regret: not using this online ordering system sooner. From an ample perspective, deciding to use a restaurant ordering system was a win-win for both us and our customers.”