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How Are Businesses Faring One Year After The Blackout?

According to a news report from, “For some, last summer’s blackout is a distant memory. But for others, especially those small businesses hardest hit by the outage, last week’s anniversary was a harsh reminder of all that’s been lost.”
“Anthony Aveni, owner of Rosario’s Pizzeria & Restaurant at 50-12 Skillman Ave. in Woodside, said he still hasn’t received his $7,000 reimbursement check, promised to small businesses by Con Edison after the blackout,” said the story. “They destroyed me over here,” said Aveni, who adds he has been struggling to stay afloat for the past year. He lost nearly $20,000 between business and food as a direct result of last summer’s blackout. Before, he would keep large amounts of food, including meat, seafood, cheese and tubs of Italian ice in his store’s freezers. But now, he said he’s afraid to stock his shelves to capacity, for fear of another outage.”

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