How and Why to Add Quesadillas to your Menu

Next to Italian, Mexican food is one of the most popular cuisines. So, why not use the ingredients you already have to offer quesadillas on your appetizer menu?

When a big group visits a pizzeria, not everyone will want pizza. Some will order a salad, some will want a sandwich, and, with more consumers seeking ethnic and snack-sized foods, some will order a quesadilla—if it’s available.

There are many pizzerias already taking advantage of the additional revenue stream that quesadillas can provide. For example, earlier this month, Wisconsin-based Toppers Pizza announced that it will now offer three varieties of quesadillas (three cheese, buffalo chicken and chipotle chicken) on its menu.

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Pizzerias across the country are offering quesadillas (specialty or build-your-own) on their appetizer menus. A few that come to mind include Chicago-based Uno Pizzeria & Grill; Alfonso’s Pizza in Carrollton, IL; Zombie Bob’s Pizza in Charleston, SC; and Kosmo Pizza & Grille in Philadelphia.

So how can you add a quesadilla to your menu? It can be as easy as adding a sandwich or calzone. If you don’t want to source tortillas, you can use the dough balls you already have on hand in the pizzeria, according to DeIORIO’s. Simply roll out the dough as thin as possible and cook it on a griddle or skillet (see full instructions here).

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If you make an Italian-style quesadilla, serve it with your house marinara sauce. If you create more traditional Mexican quesadillas, serve them with salsa and/or sour cream and guacamole.