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Houston Based Pepperoni's Pizza Opens New Location

(Press Release) Houston, TX, July 25, 2012–Pepperoni’s Pizza, a local favorite, will open its 10th store in the fast-growing Katy area. Local residents can expect to see the new location in August. With three locations on Highway 6, one location in Greatwood, one in New Territory and one in Pecan Grove, Pepperoni’s has won over the masses with its quaint dine-in, delivery concept built around friendly service, natural ingredients and quality products. 

Pepperoni’s Pizza was founded in 1990 by Ray Salti, a self-made businessman with a dream of owning his own business.  Ray spent the next seven years perfecting his concept through trial and error until he knew he had it right.  “I wanted to recreate the old-style ‘pizza parlor,’ relaxed, family-oriented, friendly, clean…We use 100% unbleached whole wheat flour and all natural ingredients so we can give you a healthier option for your family.” 

In 1997, Ray opened his second store in New Territory and has opened the next five stores within almost a year of each other, all within the Fort Bend area. 

Pepperoni’s is excited about the expansion, and it welcomes the possibilities of opening more locations is the future.  In addition to new stores, Ray is also conforming to meet local residents’ needs. Pepperoni’s is expanding its catering concepts to reach the local businesses large and small. 

Although Pepperoni’s specializes in pizza, they also have delicious and unique subs, salads, pastas, calzones and desserts. They offer an excellent lunch special for local businesses and Houston Chronicle subscribers voted Pepperoni’s the “Best Pizza Delivery in Houston” for 2006.   

For more information, please visit Pepperoni’s on Facebook (Pepperoni’s Pizza) and Twitter (PepperonisInc) or email