The company invites all to Booth 1015 at the International Pizza Expo to enter for a chance to win a $35,000 Stone Conveyor Oven. And the giveaway is genuine — the 2018 winner Joe Longo of Joey’s Italian Grille in Ohio still enjoys his prize conveyor oven that cooks 12-inch pies in just four minutes.

The attendees are welcome to bring their own dough and ingredients to the booth to test out their products. The company boasts that its stone conveyor oven will quickly cook pizzas to the same degree as any fired oven, but quicker.

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“The International Pizza Expo is exciting for us – for the past five years, we’ve been showing our Stone Conveyor Oven to all of you passionate pizza men and women. The Hot Rocks is all about creating value and providing technological advancement to drive success and better everyday life,” says Vincent Tourigny, owner and CFO.

To learn more about entering, follow this link. For those who can’t make the trip to the International Pizza Expo are welcome to visit one of Hot Rocks’ Test Kitchens to try it out.


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