• Hot Rocks Ovens provided the artisan pies for a test drive of the Ford F-150 Lightning electric truck at Singing Waters Vineyards.
  • The oven, like the new truck, is unlike anything in its class and delivers unexpected quality at a lightning-fast, labor-saving speed.

Hot Rocks Ovens, maker of the first stone conveyor pizza oven, recently baked artisan pizzas for guests at the Ford F-150 Lightning electric truck test drive, held May 3-6.

The four-day event took place at Singing Waters Vineyards in Comfort, Texas, which recently added the Hot Rocks oven to its kitchen to serve stone-baked quality pizza while accommodating large numbers of guests. More than 120 members of the media and 50 Ford engineers and staff attended the event, where they enjoyed freshly baked Hot Rocks pizzas and food provided by local restaurants.

During a demonstration of the benefits of an electric truck, the Lightning even powered the Hot Rocks oven, using the built-in 9.6 KW outlet in its bed.

Like Ford Motor Company’s pioneering electric truck, the Hot Rocks oven is revolutionizing the pizza industry. It’s the first conveyor oven made of granite, giving each pizza a stone-baked, artisan quality while producing large quantities quickly.

Able to bake pizza in half the time of traditional stone ovens, Hot Rocks’ speed is akin to Ford Lightning’s 0-60 m.p.h. acceleration in under five seconds. Baking pizzas 50% more quickly allows pizza makers to serve more customers in their establishments and keep up with third-party orders, takeout and deliveries.

The Hot Rocks stone conveyor is also powerful and durable—similar to the “Built Ford Tough,” high-horsepower Lightning—and can produce 645 pizzas per hour without compromising on quality.

Finally, the Hot Rocks oven requires less skilled labor to operate, alleviating some of owners’ labor and training costs. And, because Hot Rocks pizzas come out perfect every time, the ovens reduce food waste, helping to put money back into owners’ pockets, even as food costs rise. Similarly, the Ford Lightning provides a high return on investment to owners.

Hot Rocks combines the artisan quality of stone deck ovens with the convenience and speed of a conveyor. A spin-off of Canadian manufacturer Picard Ovens, with over 60 years of experience in the baking industry, the Hot Rocks oven is manufactured in North America to the highest quality and an eye toward improving pizza restaurant operations. Now in its third generation, the Hot Rocks oven relies on research and development and restaurant owner feedback to deliver not only quality pizza but also increased volume and labor and cost savings to restaurant operators.


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