Hipster Pizzeria Snubs Steve Jobs

According to TCDaily.com, “A hipster pizzeria located in San Francisco’s ironic Mission District unceremoniously snubbed Steve Jobs by refusing to seat the turtlenecked Apple King without a reservation.”

“The celebrity CEO was photographed on Saturday leaving the bustling Flour + Water restaurant with a rather sheepish grin on his face. ‘Having more money than God didn’t help Jobs last Saturday night, when he and a companion tried to get a table,’ gloated SFoodie editor John Birdsall. ‘Flour + Water publicist Liam Passmore says Jobs lined up with other table hopefuls before the restaurant opened Saturday. Turns out the people immediately in front of Jobs got the last seats. So what did the man in black do? He left.’ Unsurprisingly, Passmore – who likely feared the wrath of itinerant hacks and rabid Apple fanbois – emphasized that the unbearably snobby restaurant would welcome Jobs back with open arms.”