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"Hilariously Shaped Dudes" Serve Up Hawaiian Pizza Topped With Spam in New Orleans

Hawaiians love Spam, so maybe it’s no surprise that the Hawaiian pizza at 10 Foot Pizza, a newly opened restaurant on North Rampart Street in New Orleans, features the processed meat as a topping. Or maybe it is. But, hey, we’re not judging.

Along with Spam, the Hawaiian-style pie is topped with bell peppers, red onions, the prerequisite pineapple slices and a drizzle of sriracha. reports the 10 Foot Pizza menu also features an elote-themed pie and custom options that include toppings like pork rinds and fried chicken.

Owners Noah Antieau and Nic Reddy, former owners of Lonesome’s Pizza in Portland, Oregon, opened 10 Foot Pizza in late May. The pizzeria’s name was inspired by the two owners’ combined height—Antieau is seven feet tall, while Reddy is three feet tall.

On the restaurant’s Facebook page, the two owners describe themselves as “hilariously shaped dudes making seriously good pizza.”