Hickory BBQ: What you see is what you get


Hickory BBQ knows that visual appeal draws in the customers, while quality and consistency keeps them coming back. Invented by the people in the rotisserie business, the Visual Pizza Oven (VPO) produces a consistent, stone-baked crust with all the visual appeal of a wood-fired oven. “We installed a VPO-54 in a country club in Boca Raton,” says Hickory BBQ’s president Steve Maroti. “The owners were hoping to detract kids away from the main dining hall with the oven in the other room. In the end, the oven got everyone out! The customers love to see the cheese bubbling and the crust browning.”


Unparelleled Variability 

The VPO-54 boasts precise temperature control with separate controls for the top burners and bottom deck. Along with varied speeds of rotation, the VPO-54 gives complete bake variability for the crust and toppings on your pizza. It all depends on what your customers prefer. “In Brooklyn, the pizza has got to be nearly burnt on the bottom, whereas in Texas any burning is unacceptable,” Maroti says. Most pizzas in this type of oven cook between 400°F and 600°F, but since the VPO-54 is capable of reaching temperatures of 800˚, virtually any pizza style is possible. The VPO-54 is also fully computerized so that programs can be made to remember specific settings for different menu items. Single temperature ovens may “do the job,” but tailored cook programs bake each order to perfection. 


Quick and Efficient

Using a specially patented inert gas in the deck, temperature recovery is nearly instantaneous in the VPO-54. This technology allows the oven to heat up in no time. After preheating for just 10 minutes, the VPO-54 is ready to cook pizzas.  

The model has been designed to use only as much energy as you need. The upper burners shut off when you’re not using them and come back to full intensity in just 5 to 7 seconds. The oven runs on gas and has the capacity to put out 140 consistent 12” pizzas in one hour, though there is virtually no limit on the pizza size.

The VPO-54 “Visual Pizza Oven” gives you the consistency of a conveyor and the texture of a deck in a completely visual way. If you want to wow your customers and make any pizza style under the sun, Hickory BBQ’s VPO is the ultimate merchandizing option for your store. Contact them at 201-223-0050 or