""FastCompany.com reports , “Herman Cain, the former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza and current GOP primary frontrunner, is running a campaign focused almost entirely on his business savvy. And he’s brought national attention to the Godfather’s brand, which has received nonstop coverage from every major news outlet (CBS, The Washington Post, Politico, to name just a few). But while Cain is successfully selling himself and his “9-9-9” “9-0-9” tax plan, it appears there’s one thing he’s not selling very well on the campaign trail: pizza.”

“As strong as he is in poll results, his popularity in terms of pizza pie is as limp as last week’s deep dish. In a slew of calls made to Godfather’s franchises across the country, it seems Cain’s celebrity has failed to stimulate sales of Sicilian or pepperoni slices. (Perhaps it’s the mixed reviews?)”

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