It’s a familiar conundrum to every pizzeria out there: A customer calls, dissatisfied with how their pizza was delivered. “Ask any pizza operator,” says Giuseppe Di Fiore, inventor of the Pizza Seatbelt. “It’s guaranteed they have had customers complain that the cheese and toppings slid to one side of the pizza in transit.” Most pizzeria operators will immediately make a new pizza and send it out, meaning extra food cost, labor cost and, worst of all, an unhappy customer. After 37 years in the business, Di Fiore decided to put an end to this problem. “I was losing about 200 pizzas per year to poorly transported pizza, not to mention the damage done to customer satisfaction.”

The solution? Fiore has introduced the Pizza Seatbelt, a raised and angled platform that keeps the pizza level as it’s being delivered to the customer’s door. It works like a car seat for your delivery bag. It’s set into place using the passenger seat’s safety belt and can fit into any variety of cars. Raised guards on the sides of the platform protect your pizza from swift turns and sudden stops, which can be detrimental to those hot, melty toppings. After just a few seconds and the click of your seatbelt, the installation is done, and your pizza is ready to go safely to your customers’ door. 

“I created this product to make people happy and not mad,” says Di Fiore. “Before addressing this problem, I had 200 mad customers calling me up per year. Some were OK with it, but others would curse at me! Now, I’m happy to say we don’t have that problem anymore, and that saves us headaches and food cost.”

The Pizza Seatbelt is not limited only to pizzas. Any food that needs to stay level during transport, such as cakes or other desserts, can benefit from the security of the Pizza Seatbelt. Gain some of peace of mind when your pizza leaves the store, regardless of which driver is making the delivery. With the Pizza Seatbelt, you can deliver perfect pizzas every time, retain more customers, and cut down on food cost. Get one for $39 plus shipping & handling, or receive a package discount when you purchase more than one. Order the Pizza Seatbelt and watch a video on how it works at or call (610)703-3728.


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