Hell Pizza gives Hitler the boot

According to a news report from, “The Hell pizza chain is removing its billboards of Hitler saluting with a pizza slice after complaints from the Jewish community.”

“The chain, which has had a string of complaints about its advertising, including a condom mailout last year, said the Hitler billboards in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch were meant to lampoon Hitler rather than be offensive,” said the story. “The Nazi leader is shown in a Heil Hitler salute with pizza in his hand, next to his quote: “It is possible to make people believe that heaven is hell.” Yesterday afternoon the Hitler billboard in Christchurch’s Lincoln Road was replaced with another one in the chain’s famous-quotes campaign – Pope Benedict saying “Hell is real and eternal”. Kirk MacGibbon, from Cinderella, the Auckland agency that handles the chain’s advertising, said yesterday he had received three complaints from Jewish people in Auckland who were offended by the Hitler billboard.”

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