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Healthier Pizza

According to a news report from, “A team of food chemists at the University of Maryland has discovered how to boost the antioxidant content of pizza dough by optimizing baking and fermentation methods. Diets rich in antioxidants are thought to reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease. Making popular foods healthier using the tools of chemistry could have a significant impact on public health.”

“The Maryland study is part of an ongoing effort to discover and develop new technologies that enhance the levels of natural antioxidants in grain-based food ingredients such as whole wheat flour. Pizza dough is one of the most popular wheat-based food products in the United States. Pizza bakers have known for some time that longer baking times and higher temperatures can enhance the flavor of pizza. The new study shows that these intense baking conditions may also boost antioxidant levels in dough, especially whole wheat varieties. That’s great news for fans of deep-dish, Chicago-style pizza, whose longer baking time and thicker crust could have the potential to deliver higher levels of antioxidants in comparison to other pizza styles,” said the story.

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