Have Pizza, Will Travel

According to a report from the Oxford Leader, “it’s an epic tale that encompasses all the essential elements of human experience – true love, friendship, a perilous journey, seemingly insurmountable obstacles and of course, a fantastic pizza pie.”

“But it’s not the plot to some Hollywood blockbuster or New York Times bestselling novel. It’s the true story of how Shawn McGuire, founder and owner of the Guido’s Premium Pizza franchise, traveled approximately 1,500 miles one-way last week to deliver 10 of his finest pizzas to the wedding reception of a loyal customer in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.”

“‘It would have been very easy to say ‘no’ to something like that. I’m not going to make any money on it. I don’t have the time. Blah, blah, blah,’ explained McGuire, of Oxford. ‘But to say yes and do it and do it to the best of your ability . . . what I got from it is a great story to tell my friends and family for the rest of my life. We made an unbelievable delivery.'”

“It all started with a simple phone call from Florida resident Jonathan Lawson to the Guido’s store in Pontiac on Sept. 18. Clint Bryant, the store’s owner, took the call. Lawson and his friends, Jeff Ringold and Kelly Nelson (a.k.a the groom and bride), used to live across from the Pontiac Guido’s before they all moved to Florida. The three were huge fans of Guido’s heavenly pie and while reminiscing about it, Ringold made an offhand remark about how great it would be to partake of a slice or two at his upcoming wedding. Lawson asked Bryant if perhaps the store could ship some frozen pizzas to the sunshine state. He was planning to give them to the happy couple as a surprise wedding gift. Bryant called McGuire and the franchise owner gave the only response any self-respecting pizza-maker who truly cares about his craft could possibly utter at that moment.”

View video of this event on PizzaTV.com: https://www.pmq.com/tt2/videos/id_233/