Hatco Unwraps New Sandwich Merchandiser

Milwaukee, WI… Hatco recently announced the rollout of its latest Mini-Merchandising Warmer, the Model UGMW-1. The unit is designed to maximize valuable counter space with durable performance and an attractive product display. The food product’s optimal taste and temperature are preserved via ceramic top heat and a hardcoated, heated base. Incandescent lighting heightens the visual appeal to customers, creating more impulse sales. Perfect for convenience stores, supermarkets, delis, concession stands, snack bars, kiosks, and pizzerias.
A thermostat controls the heated base, extending holding times. Infrared top heat is directed to the outer edges of the holding surface where the heat loss is the greatest. Its incandescent lights are shatter-proof to safeguard food products from bulb breakage. A sturdy acrylic breath protector provides a safe environment when serving food.
The UGMW-1 comes in basic black and five other Designer colors and accommodates one half-size sheet pan. A hardcoated four row riser trivet is available for increased display capacity. Accessories include plastic food pans and pan lids.
The unit’s Ceramic heating elements and base blanket heating elements are warranted against burnout for one year. Safe and convenient, the UGMW-1 Mini-Merchandiser should increase sales by showing fresh product in its best light.
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