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This Legacy Chain Transforms Its Pies Into Pizza Burgers

Alongside its usual pizza and ice cream offerings, Happy Joe’s adds beloved pizza topping combos to burgers to create a new menu category.

According to the creative minds at Happy Joe’s Pizza & Ice Cream, burgers and pizza have more in common than you might think. Combining the two simply made sense to create a new menu category for the brand, which boasts three companies and 43 franchise locations throughout the Midwest, with more in the pipeline. “We’ve mastered the art of developing extraordinary pizza creations,” the company announced. “The big idea was to turn the most popular Happy Joe’s pizzas into burgers, using the same toppings found on its innovative pizza menu.”

Already available at Happy Joe’s corporate locations, the new pizza burgers launched at franchise locations on December 1. The Happy Joe’s Pizza Burger menu includes:

  • Sloppy Joe Burger: Pickles, mustard and blended cheese top this burger alongside Joe’s Sloppy Joe meat.
  • Taco Burger: The world-famous Taco Joe Pizza on a burger is served with Happy Joe’s Mexican bean sauce and blended cheese, a nacho cheese sauce drizzle, lettuce, tomato and chips.
  • Taco Supreme Burger: Inspired by the brand’s Taco Supreme Pizza, this choice adds black olives, jalapeños and sour cream to the Taco Burger.
  • BLT Burger: A burger is topped with pizza sauce, mozzarella, Canadian bacon, bacon, lettuce and mayo.
  • Mac n Cheese Burger: Macaroni and cheddar cheese transform a classic burger into comfort-food fare.
  • HJ Special Burger: A burger is topped with the brand’s well-loved combo of pizza sauce, mozzarella, Canadian bacon and crispy sauerkraut.

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Timid or picky diners needn’t worry—simple hamburgers and cheeseburgers are also available. Pricing for the Pizza Burgers ranges from $8.99 to $10.99.

“While our customers expect great pizza from Happy Joe’s, they also expect us to bring them new, unique, tasty creations,” said Tom Sacco, CEO, chief happiness officer and president. “It’s a reputation we began building back when we were the first to introduce the Taco Pizza. And now our Pizza Burgers continue the tradition of out-of-the-box ideas that you can only get from Happy Joe’s.”

Founded in 1972 by Joe Whitty in Davenport, Iowa, founder Happy Joe’s dream was to create a restaurant concept that focused on serving America’s two favorite foods—pizza and ice cream—in a family-friendly, celebratory environment. Now owned and operated by Dynamic Restaurant Holdings Inc., Happy Joe’s has been named a “Top 50 Contender” by QSR magazine.