According to a news report from, “Gumby’s Pizza, which was shut down Sept. 28 after failing a Wake County health inspection, is planning to reopen its doors.”

“It scored a 60.5, one of the lowest in recent memory, according to Frances Breedlove, food sanitation section chief of Wake County department of environmental services,” said the story. “Breedlove was quoted in a Oct. 2 Technician article saying that Gumby’s received the failing score because inspectors found food stored at improper temperatures, the restaurant did not handle and store food properly, and utensils were not appropriately cleaned and sanitized. In the article, he also mentioned the restaurant did not have paper towels accessible and had problems with garbage cans and dumpsters. Chance Hippler, Gumby’s co-founder, said his lawyers are allowing him to reopen Gumby’s in 10 days. He said he will be able to keep Gumby’s open until he goes to court and appeals his case, which could take approximately five to six months. “This is outrageous. I feel I’ve been Nifonged by the health department,” Hippler said. “It is very important that we open again so we don’t lose our loyal customers.” Hippler said to eventually open Gumby’s legally, it would have to be relicensed “and that isn’t going to happen” at the current location. He said however, he does have plans to move to a new location in six months.”

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