Gulfport, MS, Pizza shop shatters record

According to a news report from, “They came by the thousands Saturday for cheap pizza, braving the heat, standing in line and helping a business break a world record.”

“Things got so hectic at the Domino’s Pizza on U.S. 49 that extra workers were brought in, emergency cheese and sauce had to be shipped in from Louisiana, and a few people swooned in the blasting Coast heat,” said the story. “We’re going to break this thing by 3 o’clock,” said Glenn Mueller, president and CEO of RPM Pizza, which bills itself as the largest Domino’s Pizza franchise. “It” was the world’s record, as authenticated by Guinness World Records, of the largest number of pizzas sold in a single day. Until Saturday, that record belonged to a Domino’s franchise in Australia, which which shoved out 5,382 pizzas in a single day.”

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