Grimaldi’s Opening At Casa Paloma

According to, “A new pizzeria in Casa Paloma is hoping to bring tradition and an authentic taste to the Ahwatukee Foothills area.”

“Grimaldi’s Pizzeria has been around since 1905. They started in New York but are now headquartered in Arizona. Since their first opening they’ve used coal ovens to cook the pizza. The ovens weigh 25 tons and require cooks to slide pizza into the oven using a 7-foot pole. All this work for a smokey taste not found anywhere else. ‘The key to our success is really quality,’ said Brittany Maroney, marketing director for Grimaldi’s Pizzeria. ‘It’s sticking to those roots that evolved in 1905. We still use the exact same coal-fired oven. Every morning we light the coal in every location across the U.S. and our coal actually never goes out. That fire is burning 24 hours. That’s really how we get great flavor in our crust. We import the coal from Pennsylvania. It’s a very unique hot burning coal, which is how we get our crispy crust.'”