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Grilled cheese pizza dares go where no grilled cheese has gone before

This time of year, when temperatures, even in the South, are shiver-inducing, the idea of a steaming slice of grilled cheese crust pizza is about as comforting as thoughts of a blazing fire. The good folks at and food blogger Amy of Oh, Bite It! combined the two comfiest of foods together and came up with the only thing the Huffposters say they want to eat all winter. 

Arianna's website goes on to say that grilled cheese combined with pizza creates what might be the fastest and most beautiful path to total cardiac arrest. But who cares, because this is pizza that's been made with a grilled cheese crust.

In honor of the Oscars, we recommend you read on about the sexiest combination since Bogart and Bacall. No shades of gray about it!