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Green Zone Pizza Traces It's Green Roots Back To Switzerland

""“They’re made-to-order pizzas with a healthy twist. Green Zone Pizza in Grosse Pointe makes it’s pies with all natural ingredients, and strives to be healthy for the planet as a whole, reported  From energy efficient ovens, to green building practices and recycling, Green Zone Pizza is definitely doing its part.”

“Owner Markus Wiederkehr set out to offset all the waste typically generated by the restaurant industry. ‘The biggest offset is the energy use,’ Wiederkeh told Fox 2’s eReporter Robin Schwartz Monday. ‘I’m using LED lights in the restaurant, using only 500 watts of energy for the whole place. We estimate that’s 60 percent less energy than the average pizza place.’ Wiederkehr was born in Switzerland, where his family has been in the recycling business for decades.”