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Grain Craft Introduces Italian-Style Pizzeria Flour

Grain Craft has recently introduced a Neapolitan Italian-Style Flour. The new product was developed to provide pizzerias with a 00-type flour that can produce the distinct characteristics of Neapolitan pizza crusts.

Grain Craft’s Neapolitan Italian-Style Pizzeria Flour features a finely ground wheat that is grown in the Rocky Mountain Foothills of Idaho. According to Grain Craft, “This area of Idaho offers an ideal combination of high altitude, rich volcanic soils and growing conditions like the agricultural regions of Italy, where many Italian flours originate.”

Through extensive research and months of testing in Neapolitan specialty pizzerias, the company has formulated an exclusive blend of quality wheats to produce a light dough with dependable extensibility, the ideal rise and a soft thin crust. This new flour is unenriched and unbleached and is available in 25-pound bags. Grain Craft flour can be ordered through distributors across the western and central United States.

In addition to the Neapolitan Italian-Style Pizzeria Flour, Grain Craft also offers their classic brands, Power and Mondako, for a variety of other pizza crusts. For more on Grain Craft flours, visit

Grain Craft, the third largest flour miller in the United States, is a family-owned milling company offering premium bulk and bagged flours for the baking, food service, pizza and tortilla industries. With over 100 years of history, the company continues the tradition of working with American farmers to grow and harvest the best varieties of wheat to provide customers industry-leading flour. Headquartered in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Grain Craft serves customers coast to coast through 13 milling locations. People are the core of the company, driving excellent and safe products and bettering communities.