GQ Names “25 Best Pizzas Youll Ever Eat”

According to GQ Blogger Alan Richman on, “Italians are wrong. Not about cars or suits. About pizza, and they’re not entirely mistaken about that, only about crusts and buffalo-milk mozzarella. They’ve got the tomato part right. Pizza was created by the Italians—or maybe by the Greeks, who brought it to Naples, but let’s not pile on the bad news. Right now it justly belongs to us. We care more about it. We eat more of it, and unlike the Italians, we appreciate it at dinner, at lunch, and at breakfast, when we have it cold, standing up, to make hangovers go away. Italians don’t really understand pizza. They think of it as knife-and-fork food, best after the sun goes down.”

“Pizza isn’t as fundamental to Italy as it is to America. Over there, it plays a secondary role to pasta, risotto, and polenta. To be candid, I think they could do without it. Not us. Over here, it’s one of the few foreign foods we’ve embraced wholeheartedly, made entirely our own,” he wrote.

The post includes a slide show with a review of each pie.

The top five pies included:

1: Chicago’s Great Lake pizzeria with their Mortadella pie”

2: Brooklyn’s Lucali pizzeria with their “Plain Pie”

3: San Francisco’s Pizzeria Delfina with their “Panna Pie”

4: Phoenix’s Pizzeria Bianco with their “Margherita with Prosciutto”

5: Providence’s Bob & Timmy’s pizzeria with their “Spinach-and-Mushroom Pizza”