CONCORD, Calif., Feb. 20 /PRNewswire/ — Round Table Pizza is once again challenging the culinary craftsmanship of the pizza industry with the release of its latest masterpiece, the Prosciutto Artisan pizza. With this, Round Table’s newest specialty pizza, the company continues to defy the long-time industry practice of using pricing gimmicks to push sales — a tactic that generally results in low-quality pizza.

In its pursuit of quality and innovation, Round Table is the first pizza chain of its kind, with over 500 units, to offer prosciutto to its guests. Prosciutto, normally found on pizza only at authentic, high-end Italian restaurants, is an aged, dry-cured ham.

The Prosciutto Artisan is the second pizza released by Round Table in the Artisan series, which launched last fall with the highly successful Pepperoni Artisan. The Prosciutto Artisan aims to continue the success of its predecessor and bring even more excellence to the Artisan experience. Thus, it will offer many ingredients already familiar to Artisan lovers in addition to some unique and flavorful newcomers:

— Premium-Aged Prosciutto

— Roasted Artichoke Hearts

— Lemon Feta Cheese

— Creamy, Fresh Mozzarella

— Garden-Fresh Basil

— Organic Tomato Sauce

— Cornmeal-Dusted Crust

The result is a balance of flavor and simplicity that takes a fresh new approach to this old, Italian favorite.

Round Table’s chief marketing officer, Renae Scott, explains exactly what sets the Artisan above the rest of the field, “The Artisan pizza was inspired by artisan chefs with ties to local farmers’ markets. It recaptures the quality of traditional, hand-crafted pizza and is made with the finest select ingredients from respected growers. This is about premium ingredients and a quality experience, not gimmicks.”

“Consumers are buying fresh and organic produce in record numbers,” says Michele Hennessey, director of product development. “Our guests are telling us it’s time for another leap in flavor and quality and that is what the Prosciutto Artisan delivers.”

Round Table’s Prosciutto Artisan pizza is now available at participating restaurants.

About Round Table Pizza

Founded in Menlo Park, CA in 1959, Round Table Pizza has been a west coast institution for over 45 years. Round Table has grown to be a leader in the premium pizza market and focuses on serving the needs of families as one of the largest pizza chains in the nation. The company, known for making “the last honest pizza,” has a system of over 500 franchised and company-owned stores operating in the western U.S. with system revenues in excess of $400 million. Round Table Pizza, Inc. is a private, 100% employee-owned company with corporate offices based in Concord, California.

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