Gourmet Impressions Launches New Product – Has Pizzas Talking

Pembroke Pines, FL – November 10, 2009 — Gourmet Impressions is about
to begin making lasting impressions on the culinary and advertising
world, launching a newly invented, handheld, one of a kind kitchen tool
for commercial and consumer usage. The Gourmet Impressions Stamper
<http://www.gourmetimpressions.com/>is a simple to use, inexpensive tool
that can easily, quickly, and repeatedly impress messages and images
beautifully on more than 40 foods, and even candle wax, or bars of soap
using a mere hand stamp. The actual food material is indented into
and/or embossed – raised above the surface area by the Stamper’s letters
and images, therefore requiring no ink. For about the price of a pizza
pie, this ingenious patent pending unique gadget comes with six, easily
interchangeable generic messages
<http://www.gourmetimpressions.com/About.html>and images to commemorate
many occasions. Future upgrades will enable the individual to even
create personalized messages on the spot.

Rich Errera, inventor and CEO of Gourmet Impressions who as a teenager,
once worked in a Brooklyn pizzeria always thought, “If one can create
messages on cakes, why not on other foods? This simple, inexpensive tool
is destined to change the way many foods can now be served, presented,
and displayed in restaurants and homes around the world. Who wouldn’t
want Happy Birthday, Congratulations, or Happy Holidays embossed around
the crust of their pizza pie when celebrating that special time?” How
about just the words Love You or Enjoy on your platter of delights to
warm the heart, making it real comfort food? In fact, all of these fun
messages can be seen and are available exclusively at
http://www.gourmetimpressions.com <http://www.gourmetimpressions.com/>.

The Advertising Industry is also salivating with the prospects of
advertising on a new, untapped medium… food. Edible Billboards
<http://www.gourmetimpressions.com/About.html>would be creative fun –
leaving tasty smiles and branding memorable experiences for a few
dollars, virtually eliminating the cost of traditional marketing. From
the small, one person business or home, to the huge business franchise,
the Gourmet Impressions Stamper would be a welcome addition for making a
fun eating atmosphere having lasting memories and returning consumers.
Sink your teeth into the innovative possibilities of using such a clever

If given a choice and all things being equal, would diners prefer to
have their meal at a regular eatery, or would they go to the one across
the street that serves the same, but entertains with talking foods?
Foods can also be stamped indicating healthy ingredients. As a money
maker paying for itself, it’s a classy and costless way for a company to
continuously add value to their food product. It’s no wonder that the
Gourmet Impressions Stamper has already won prestigious national awards
<http://www.gourmetimpressions.com/> for being so extraordinary and
unique. Honored as one of The Top Ten Consumer Products of the Year, and
a winner of The Hot Product Contest, makes it specially recognized and
sought after.

Albert Grande, publisher & author of Starting A Catering Business,
having keen, culinary sense says, “This is a food idea, whose time is
now”. Messages logos or slogans, can make regular dining, special
events. Ordinary foods like pizzas, muffins, vegetables, breads, pitas,
cheeses, hors d’oeuvres, butters, pastries and more come to life,
becoming extraordinary signature dishes
<http://www.gourmetimpressions.com/Foods.html>- literally! This
affordable, FDA approved, durable, dishwasher safe beauty is fun,
simple, and quick to use. With the mere flick of the wrist, talking
foods are now made possible by anyone; in any language, anywhere. Rachel
Ray, Chef Emeril, Oprah, Martha Stewart, Hannah Montana, Harry Potter –
or just one’s little prince or princess, could create their own
celebrity gourmet dishes. How cool would that be?”

Since unveiling the initial prototype sample to the public at trade
shows (like the Pizza Expo) just to gauge interest, Gourmet Impressions
has been inundated with requests to order this revolutionary, food
embossing and impressing tool from more than 68 countries around the
world. “This translates to a huge, pre-manufactured demand of epic
proportion that is sure to change the way many serve, display, cook, and
present what we eat,” says Errera. There already has been over a million
registered hits of interest at www.tastysmiles.com
<http://www.tastysmiles.com/> to see the magic of talking foods.

Take a bite out of boredom and the mundane. Tasty smiles, wagging
tongues, and foods for thought, will soon be on the lips of many near
you. What’s on your plate?