Good Pizza, Friendly Service Makes Up Route 12 Pizza

According to a report on, “just east of the intersection of College Avenue and Snow Hill Road in Salisbury, there’s a limited-service pizzeria that tries to go the extra mile.”

“Because Snow Hill Road isn’t part of our usual traffic pattern, it was by accident that we found the Route 12 Pizza and Grill, though with its large “Route 12” road sign and racing theme, it’s hard to miss. We walked in with low expectations, and walked out with a new regular pizza place. Why the low expectations? Salisbury — and the Eastern Shore, in general — has its fair share of standard limited-service restaurants offering basic sandwiches, pizza, wings and deep-fried nibbles. To be honest, only about half of what we tried from the menu was worth praising, which would typically put it squarely in the category of the other average eateries. But there was a man behind the counter that was so helpful and so concerned that his patrons were having a good meal that it made all a much better experience.It didn’t hurt that the pizza was very good, too. We ordered slices ($2.19 for cheese, $2.49 for one topping) rather than a whole pie because it was lunchtime, and we wanted different topping, and they came as large, New York-style thin crusts. At first glance, we were very concerned this would be a cardboard pizza experience because of its two-dimensional appearance — how wrong we were! The crust, which is freshly made, has just the right balance of crunchiness and chewiness. Piping hot out of the oven, the pizza was well-seasoned, and when it was gone, we wish we had ordered that pie instead of a slice. Luckily, Route 12 delivers,” the story said.